Insight Video Marketing

Video, social media marketing and advertising for small businesses


Our Mission

Are you looking to increase your visibility and sales? Every small business is but with limited resources, marketing experience and time, this is a real challenge. We understand this which is why we have created a simple and very effective marketing campaign small businesses can afford.

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Engaging Video

Ready to see real results? Start with a video. Videos are engaging, fun to watch, easy to share and are full of info to prove you are the answer to your viewers problem. A great video will be between 45 seconds and 2 minutes long and quickly take them from their issue to your solution. These videos are perfect for your website, social media channels, ads on social media and are great for years of use. With so few businesses effectively using video, this is your chance to get ahead of the competition.

Prices vary depending on your goals so contact us for a quote.


Social Media Advertising

Now that you have a video, what do you do with it? Unfortunately many businesses just put it on their website and thats about it. Two years later and 100 views, the investment probably wasn’t worth it. Our ad package includes posts on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin to maximize your exposure. Our ad campaigns are focused on your target audience to increase your client list and reduce costs.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing your product or service is far more involved than just showing a video and expecting millions of dollars to roll in. Our marketing campaign will lead your clients on their journey from potentially unaware of an issue to a loving client. We do this by providing the right information so they are educated and understand you will provide the solution to their problem.



Video is the best way to connect with your audience but its not always possible to post videos every day. Professional photos will help fill in your content calendar on social media and make you stand out!