About Me

Don't you hate when the about us section doesn't really say anything about the people in the business? A big part of this small business marketing plan is to get to know the owner because people want to buy from people they like and support local businesses. 


My journey over the years has lead me in many different directions but the desire to create video has been there right from the start. What has grown and developed in recent years is my love of marketing, sales, advertising and small business ( I'm the guy you don't to meet at a party because all I have to talk about is work). I understand the desire to run a small business with all the highs and lows, ups and downs and everything in between. It is my hope that with this video marketing strategy, you can worry less about finding new clients and spend more time doing what makes your business unique and special. 

Outside of work I am in love with Crossfit, photography and hiking across beautiful landscapes. All of the photos on this website come from my travels so I do leave work behind occasionally!


Scott Desjardins

Owner - Insight Video Marketing

337 Kensington st.
Winnipeg, MB R3J1J6

(204) 891-0062

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